About us

Expert Bureau of Shipping is a shipping company engaged in ship owning activities for the safe management of all types of vessels. The fundamental principles of the operation of vessels are safety of life, environment, safety of property and security. The Bureau employs only highly qualified certified specialists and experts with extensive experience both at sea and river transport and coastal divisions of shipping companies and authorized Supervisory institutions. Our Bureau performs all types of ship management.

Also Expert Bureau of Shipping is an independent survey company. This kind of activities of the Bureau are focused on conducting independent surveys of ships and organizations on behalf of insurance companies, shipowners, charterers and other stakeholders on standards P&I club (Protection & Indemnity).
Our Bureau will provide high quality and quick conducting any type of survey.
The experts of the Bureau allows you to quickly, efficiently and with little cost to complete the services in full compliance with the concluded agreements.

Expert Bureau of Shipping provides high-quality services and marine consulting. Turning to us, you will receive a professional answer to any question. We will develop any necessary documentation for shipowners and help you to implement it on ships and in the company. The Bureau provides other high quality services on a wide range of shipping activities.

We have offices in different regions of the Russian Federation and abroad.