Safe Working Management System (SWMS)


SAFE WORKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SWMS) is part of the overall system of management organization that provides risk management in the field of health and safety related activities of the organization. The system includes:organizational structure; planning activities; assignment of responsibility; procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving targets, evaluating the impact of policies and activities on labor protection in the organization (Russian GOST R 12.0.006 -002 “General requirements to occupational safety management in your organization”).
The legal and regulatory framework for the establishment and functioning of SWMS are Federal Laws, including «On obligatory social insurance from accidents on manufacture and occupational diseases”, “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”, etc., the labour code, decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation on the protection of labor, normative legal acts and normative-technical documents of Federal Executive authorities and constituent entities of the Russian Federation in accordance with their competence.
We will develop for you SWMS upto “turnkey” with all the necessary set of guidelines, instructions, regulations and other documentation. Will also help to implement SWMS into the company to the highest standards.