QMS (quality management system)


The quality management system (QMS) is a set of organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources required for TQM. It is designed for continual improvement activities to enhance the competitiveness of the organization on national and international markets, determines the competitiveness of any organization.
The most used is the certification of QMS according to ISO 9001.
The QMS is based on eight quality management principles:
1. Customer focus — the organization needs to do what the consumer wants now and will want in the future, even if he’s not aware of it.
2. The leadership of the head because the organization always acts within the constraints of resources and inputs in a competitive environment, it is only a leadership with vision, strength of spirit is able to achieve its objectives (mission).
3. Involvement of staff — as the staff of the organization is its main resource and most sensitive by the party concerned, reliance of the leaders on it – the key to success.
4. Process approach — the organization’s QMS is not static entity, and its elements are the processes through which goals can be reached, that is, through processes ensure that any changes.
5. System approach to management involves consideration of all factors affecting the external and internal environment of the organization.
6. Continuous improvement is the basis of modern management, which implies a constant adaptation to the occurred and expected changes in the environment, and sometimes generates them.
7. Making decisions based on facts — a reminder that the stability of the organization’s functioning is possible not only on the basis of intuition, but using data measurements.
8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships — along with the principle of customer-orientation involves the creation of sustainable supply chains on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.
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