SMS at inland Russian waterways

Under article 34.1 of the “Safety Management System of vessels of inland water transport Code of the Russian Federation dated March 7, 2001 N 24-FZ (CIWT RF) shipowners for vessels subject to state registration, must develop and implement a safety management system of vessels, which is understood as set of documented measures necessary for the effective implementation of the courts requirements in the field of safety of navigation and prevention of environmental pollution, activities of the employees of shipowners, including members of crews of vessels, in case of vessels associated with danger and emergency situations.
Rules of elaborating and implementing a safety management system approved by the Federal Executive authority in the field of transport.
Expert of the Bureau of Navigation offers a range of services for the development, implementation and updating of the SMS documentation in the office and on ships, including:
– SMS Manuals for shore and ships;
– Safety policy and the prevention of environmental pollution;
– Sructure scheme of company and function of the units involved in the SMS;
– A list of the main national normative documents used in the SMS;
– Job descriptions;
– Forms of documents defining the functions and procedures of crew members in case of emergencies;
– Ship Emergency Plans;
– Plans and programs of the exercises of crews of vessels in actions in the conditions of emergency situations;
– Documenting the familiarization of crew members assigned to the ship, with their responsibilities prior to vessel on a voyage;
– Documented measures to ensure the reliability of mechanisms, devices, equipment, vessels, including regular checks of mechanisms, devices, and equipment that are not used constantly.
Throughout the period of development and certification, we provide consulting services for the implementation of article 34.1 of the “ship’s Safety Management System” CIWT of the Russian Federation from March, 7th, 2001 N 24-FZ and other normative legal acts.
If necessary, we can develop an additional set of documents, such as checklists, safety instructions, various forms, which can be applied by shipowners, both in the office and on the ships.
Moreover, at your request, our experts can visit you to provide advice on the implementation of the safety management system both on the ships and in the office.