Transport security and ISPS

Russian Federal Law №16 “About transport security» dated 09.02.2007, identifies goals and objectives to ensure transport security in the following way:
1. Objectives of transport security are sustainable and safe functioning of a transport complex, protection of interests of personality, society and state in the sphere of transport complex from acts of unlawful interference.
2. The main objectives of ensuring transport security are:
1) normative legal regulation in the field of transport security;
2) threats of acts of unlawful interference;
3) estimation of vulnerability of objects of transport infrastructure and vehicles;
4) the categorization of objects of transport infrastructure and vehicles;
5) development and implementation of the requirements to ensure transport security;
6) development and implementation of measures to ensure transport security;
7) training and certification of forces of ensuring transport security;
(Paragraph in the wording entered into force since 4 February 2014 the Federal law of 3 February 2014 N 15-FZ).
8) implementation of Federal state control (supervision) in the field of transport security (clause in the wording entered into force on 1 August 2011 Godfearing the law of 18 July 2011 No. 242-FZ);
9) information, logistical and scientifically-technical support of transport security;
10) certification of technical means of transport security.
The experts of our Bureau will conduct a vulnerability assessment of your STI/OTI or the vehicle and provide the necessary documentation for approval part. Also we will develop a Plan of transport security (POTS) and ship security Plan (SSP). Our experts accompany the approval process vulnerability assessment (VA) and POTS/SSP in part to complete the approval.