Draft survey / Cargo survey

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A draft survey is a special check for the exact amount of cargo coming to the vessel or vigoureuses with him to avoid claims by the consignee against the carrier and the shipper, using certain calculations.

In marine practice, a very common situation, where a shortage of goods and exposed claims for sufficiently large financial amounts.
Usually stakeholders are the shipper, carrier and consignee. Each party carries a certain risk. Risk can be underload, loss of part of the cargo during the transportation due to various reasons, or other risks, which may be used as foundation for the claim one of the parties.
To avoid such a situation is possible with the involvement of independent experts that will monitor the quality and quantity of the cargo at all stages of its movement from “door to door”, especially at the stages of shifting cargo as shipper – carrier – consignee.

The best experts of our Bureau to provide maximum precision of control measurements before the start of cargo operations, during and after loading/unloading using modern techniques conduct an independent draft survey using ship Hydrostatic and Ballast tables.
Our experts can provide a permanent presence during cargo operations. We guarantee quality and quantity control of cargo during the whole period of cargo operation.