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The main objectives of the survey with P&I club standards are:
   - to minimize the threat to human’s life and personnel injury
   - to minimise the threat of pollution and damage to the environment
   - to minimize the danger of damage to the vessel, cargo and other property
   - coordination and control in the event of an emergency
   - an objective assessment of the damage
   - managing media relations
   - analysis and development of preventive measures to prevent possible risks
 The investigation of cases of accident / damage to the hull of the ship and its mechanisms in terms of insurance for "Hull & Machinery" (Hull and machinery damage survey with estimated volume and cost of repairs).
 Inspection of the technical condition of the ship and its mechanisms before the taking of the vessel for insurance in the "Hull & Machinery" (Pre-entry condition survey).
 Check of a technical condition of a vessel and management on the part of the Shipowner, with the capture of a vessel for insurance. In terms of liability of the Shipowner to third parties on the instructions of  P&I clubs (Full condition survey).
 The inspection of vessels and floating objects before you start towing (Pre-towage survey).

Performing inspections for Hull & Machinery is mainly associated with the accident or damage to the following objects:
 - Main engine.
  - Auxiliary mechanisms.
  - Venerologa of complex and propeller shaft.
  - Gearboxes engines.
  - Cranes and other machinery of the vessel.
  - Damage to the hull as a result of collision of a vessel with another vessel or port facility, touch ground, or grounding, as well as at various sailing conditions (storm, ice, etc.).
  - Fires.
  - Total or constructive total loss of vessels due to various reasons.

The main tasks of the Expert Bureau of Shipping in part of assist insurance companies are:
 - Prevention of damage by visual inspection of a marine vessel or facility before taking it to the insurance, risk assessment (Loss prevention survey).
 - Assessment of the amount of the occurred damage, with the definition of its causes and minimization of the costs of the insurance company in case of compensation (Hull & Machinery survey damade).

A list of additional services offered by Bureau:
  - Determining the weight of cargo on vessel draft (Draft survey).
  - The determination of fuel quantity on the vessel (Bunker survey).
  - Inspection of damaged cargo (Damage survey) when transportation by sea, railway and auto transport.
  - Pre-loading inspection of the cargo (Pre-Loading survey).
  - Inspection of cargo holds prior to loading (Holding inspection).
  - On in full with the definition of the quantity and quality of cargo during loading of cereals and fertilisers.

Download survey request form

Download tally-survey request form